Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all been doing great. Welcome back to my blog<3

I’ve been obsessing over kimonos since so long but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find one that I like plus I wanted something really economical. So I made a DIY Kimono for myself. Yayy.

It just cost me some 120-150 rupees. Yes guys, you heard it right. 150 bucks. I’m proud.

Also, co-ords are the thing this summer; so I’ve coordinated my favourite black skirt with a black cami top and added my DIY Kimono to complete the look! For the other look I’ve put on a denim vest instead of the kimono and it changes the whole look drastically!

This is again a no accessory look because it’s for the normal days where you just want to relax but still look great! The weather has just worsened and the very thought of adding a lot of accessories makes me feel sick. Honestly, the kimono and denim vest are the very accessories to the co ord look.

I’ve tied my hair in a ponytail and kept them open too (though I’d suggest tying up your hair for this weather).  Just to dress it up a little more I’ve added a pair of heels to the whole look and bam you’re ready to rock and roll! Sadly I couldn’t get a full picture so I had to click a picture of heels separately.DSC_0066 (3)DSC_0021 (2)DSC_0012 (5)DSC_0063 (2)DSC_0059 (2)DSC_0043 (3)DSC_0042 (2)DSC_0067 (2)DSC_0069 (2)

That’s it for this post. Lots of exciting stuff coming soon<3

Don’t forget to put in your comments/advices/suggestions below.

Lots of love and outfits,