Hello guys! Welcome back to blog. I’m so happy to be sharing this post on my own website with you guys. Thank you for everything. :’)

When it comes to shopping, I just can’t help myself from picking up everything white/nude/pastel. They just scream class and elegance to me which is exactly why I thought of creating this look. And let me tell you guys, I really love how it has come out because I feel that this look is very versatile and can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. I’m a solid colour person and I don’t really pick up much prints but that’s just my personal preference (you guys can totally switch up things according to your taste) but I would still recommend it to all you guys out there because I think that everyone would look flawless in this look no matter what your body type is. It is very simple but that is what makes it stand out in the crowd. Not only do these items match perfectly with each other but they’re also a part of my winter essentials. They can be paired in a gazillion ways with other things which is wonderful and also a very smart way to save yourself from spending a lot of money while shopping. My advice to you guys would be to invest in your clothes very carefully. Always buy a few items that match with almost anything and in this way you’ll always have an outfit backup whenever you’re running late or are just feeling really lazy. You can spend a little extra on these items but it’ll be worth every penny. The off white turtle neck sweater and white denims are a part of my winter essentials and I’m going to shamelessly style them in many more ways in the near future.

I always add a statement piece to my outfits and for this look it would be this beautiful clutch. I actually stole it from my mom because it’s just so pretty. It has a wonderful button detailing over it which makes it stand out and completes my look effortlessly. I finished off the look with some golden rings and that was it!

DSC_0031 (2)


DSC_0060 (2)


DSC_0055 (2)


DSC_0064 (2)


DSC_0069 (2)


DSC_0065 (2)

Lots of love and outfits,