Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog. A few days ago, I went to the preview of Akshay Wadhwa’s Vancouver collection.

It was the most gorgeous collection that I came across.

Narrating the stories of the much revered Indian female warriors through his collection, Akshay Wadhwa is all set to showcase at the Vancouver Fashion Week in March 2016.

Echoing the stories of these influential warriors will be ingenious silhouettes with the most intricate detailing. A collection which took Akshay on an inspirational journey across India to Udaipur, Bangalore, Chennai and Pune where he studied the rich culture of the medieval ages.
IMG_4481 (Large)IMG_4544 (Large)IMG_4679 (Large) (1)IMG_4842 (Large)IMG_4868 (Large)The collection will have strong designs influenced by the heritage and craftsmanship of the Mughals, Rajputs and the Chola empires. The range shall reveal the emotions, work and spirit of women warriors. Dazzling rocks and pearls have been exhumed in the finest fabrics to make a striking difference. Fabrics like silks, georgettes, nets and satins have been sourced from various parts of India to keep the quality scales high.

Women emancipation has been at the core of the Akshay Wadhwa label. The exquisite embroidery took even the most trained weavers painstaking hours of craftsmanship.”Women have been the cornerstone of our rich cultural heritage. Deconstructing the style and power of these female warriors was a journey in itself” Akshay explains.

Akshay is one of three designers from India who will be presenting his collection in the Vancouver Fashion Week. Intertwining the contemporary designs with modern aesthetics, the collection is a must watch out for fashion enthusiasts! 

Not only these designs but all the other garments in his store are as beautiful! It’s a must visit. IMG_4713 (Large)

That’s it for this post guys. Hope you liked this little preview. Make sure you check out his store (in Shahpur Jat). All the garments are so gorgeous and powerful. I personally loved the pants and the color palette! What was your favorite?

Lots of love and outfits,