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Today’s post is a little different from what I do and I’m equally excited and equally nervous to be sharing this with you all. Since the past year everyone has been going crazy about the denim on denim trend and what’s not to love about it? Now I know that numerous people have done and flaunted this trend but the best thing about it is that it can be worn in so many different ways and it just seems to work for everyone.

For this post I chose a denim bustier top and paired it with a pair of ripped denims. I added a denim jacket over it and got my red shoes on and I was good to go. Guys, these uber-cool sneakers are everything. They look gorgeous, fit like a dream, and are just so edgy! The color is bold in all the right ways. The only two accessories that I needed were a black sling bag and my favorite reflective glasses. They just finished off the look perfectly.

This outfit is so edgy and so different from my usual style but I love it nonetheless. It’s perfect for summers and is very comfortable. I also paired a high waist skirt instead of the jeans and it worked just as well. So if you’re not really a jeans person then this is just the right alternative for you. Not just the style is different but also the hair! I chose to make two french braids and honestly I’m in love with this hairstyle. Summers here are so harsh and keeping your hair open at all times is boring and taxing but this hairstyle is so comfortable and edgy. It can spice any simple outfit and your head feels really light. Anyway, let’s just get on to it.

ONLY India  and I are ready to denimize the world with their edgy designs. Are you ?

IMG_0092 (2)

IMG_0095 (2)

IMG_0097 (2)

IMG_0116 (2)

IMG_0119 (2)

IMG_0135 (2)

IMG_0145 (2)

IMG_0149 (2)

IMG_0150 (2)

IMG_0163 (2)

Details – Everything except the reflectors are from ONLY India

Reflective shades from Bellofox and are my absolute favorite!!

Shot by my best friend from her I phone 6s.

Location – ONLY India , DLF, Noida

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Shot with love by an #ONLYcollegeambassador ,