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As mentioned earlier on my Instagram  account, I’m going to do an experimental series on my blog and this one is my first go at it! I’ve always loved Sarees (see definition here). They’re not just a piece of garment wrapped around a woman’s body, they are a symbol of grace and elegance. Women in southern Asia have adorned them since ages and it just doesn’t lose it’s grace! Today I’m experimenting with a saree by not wearing it in the conventional way. 

The Pant Saree

The Pant Saree is a beautiful combination of the traditional and the modern. I chose a black crop top and leggings and draped my saree on it. Instead of opting for any sort of fancy stelatoes, I chose my boots to keep up with the modern vibe and an ear cuff (which by the way is absolutely gorgeous!). But how can forget the bindi? The gorgeous bindi that adorns the foreheads of all Indian women (now women from all around the globe). A little bindi and I was done!

I think we’ve all worn our sarees in the conventional way for really long and now it’s time to give Pant Sarees a chance!

IMG_2498 (3)

IMG_2495 (2)

IMG_2478 (3)

IMG_2451 (2)

IMG_2449 (2)

IMG_2446 (2)

IMG_2445 (2)

IMG_2412 (2)

IMG_2408 (2)

The pant saree can be sported at wedding functions or any occasions of that sort. It’s very easy to carry and suits most body types. My advice would be to use sarees which are lighter so that draping becomes easier.Also, if you’re someone who’s really tall then cotton/silk sarees would work the best for you. For the rest of the women with short or average height(like me), net/chiffon sarees are a better option.


Saree – Chabra555

Leggings and Boots – Forever 21

Ear cuff – Vajor

Crop top – Sarojini Nagar(flea market)

PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS – Sibi Varghese Photography

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