Hey, guys. How are you all? I feel amazing today and by now you might have guessed why.

My baby blog has completed a whole year and I can’t believe that it is happening. I’m beyond excited and happy. I started my blog with a purpose to help girls who want to look their absolute best , everyday! I knew that it won’t be easy to create an identity of my own in this field and it wasn’t. I still have to work a lot and create amazing content but I’m very happy to be where I am now.

Blogging, without a doubt, has been the best decision of my life and I’m going to continue blogging for as long as I can. That is how much I love it. I started out with very simple posts but my style , I believe, has done the talking. From getting featured in various online(fashion) portals to attending fashion week, I have enjoyed every thing. But all these things don’t matter as much as the happiness that comes from within when I write a new post, the excitement that is there whenever I share a new picture, and the feeling of contentment that one should always get from their work.

There’s always scope for improvement but it is very important to be happy where you are. I am and I hope that all of you are too. There are so many things I want to write about but let’s just keep that for the future. That, and a lot of exciting things which will hit the blog soon.

To celebrate this special day, I decided to do my favorite thing which is to dress up! But things will be different today. This time I’m wearing a designer outfit which might not fall into the affordable category but will be worth every penny. I’ve collaborated with a designer Anuradha Ramam whose designs took my breath way. She plays with sarees and kurtis and her designs are just plain beautiful. They are the kind that can be worn throughout the day and are sure to turn heads. Here’s what I picked and gave my own little touch.

IMG_2807 (2)

IMG_2818 (2)

I chose my most favorite pieces from her collection. The garments speak for themselves. They can lift your mood in an instant! I mixed metals for this and I was so happy! I’m going to continue doing so in the future as well.

IMG_2851 (2)

IMG_2876 (2)

Mixing silver and gold can be risky but if done right, it looks fabulous. I wore big silver danglers and a very dainty silver septum ring along with my golden flats and golden bag. I wore a silver neck piece and my favorite watch(which is a blend of silver and gold).

IMG_2913 (2)

A black bindi and I was done!

IMG_2870 (2)

IMG_2866 (2)

IMG_2814 (2)

IMG_2834 (2)


Kurtis – Anuradha Ramam (@anuradharamamofficial on instagram )

Flats – Closet 37

Earrings – Janpath (for 30 bucks! they were a steal)

Watch – Titan Raga ; Ring, Neck piece, Bag – Sarojini Nagar

I’m thankful to all of you for being a part of my journey and supporting me in what I do. This is a milestone that I have achieved and I’m absolutely ready for whatever there is in store for me!

That is it for this post. Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and outfits,