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Two Ways To Style The Same Skirt

Two Ways To Style The Same Skirt Posted on July 23, 2016Leave a comment

Hi guys! How are you all?Today I’ll be showing you how to style the same skirt in two different yet very simple ways. I’m someone who loves styling her clothes in different clothes and these styles are for all of you like me!

It’s very important to buy clothes which can be paired with a lot of different items for the girl who is on a budget(like me). Not only does it save you money but it also challenges your styling capabilities. I always keep my outfits very simple so that everyone can wear them but you all can go all out and experiment. For today, I’ve come up with two ways to style a polka dot skirt.

Look 1-

What works best with everything? A white shirt. That is my number one style tip for the days you just can’t decide what to wear. I paired my skirt with a white shirt, some brown,oxford shoes, and sunglasses. That was it! A few accessories and my favorite magazine!

how to style a white shirt

how to style a polka dot skirt

how to style a white shirt

how to style a white shirt for day


The first look is more of a day look so this one is an evening look. One combination that I’m a fan of is the hot-pink. and black and white polka dots combination. It’s the right blend of colors and patterns. I paired my Reebok tee and my black heels. Added one headband and I was good to go. The key to transform any look from day to night is to switch lip colors which is exactly what I’ve done here.  

how to style a polka dot skirt by lilmissgurung

how to style polkas for night , lilmissgurung

how to style a basic tee, lilmissgurung

lilmissgurung, how to wear polkas

lilmissgurung, ho to style

how to style polkas for night, lilmissgurung


Polka dot skirt – Incense, Sarojini Nagar ; Heels –, Sarojini nagar ; Tee – Reebok ; Shirt – Dad’s ; Oxfords- Modsquad Store

That is it for this post. Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and outfits,


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