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What Makes For A Perfect Dress?

What Makes For A Perfect Dress? Posted on September 27, 2016Leave a comment

Why is it important to dress up?

Hello, everyone! I haven’t worn a dress in a long while and was on the lookout for a gorgeous one since a very long time. So what makes for a perfect dress? How expensive it is? No. How short it is? Definitely NO. There’s so much more to clothes than the price tag that comes attached with them or  how short/voluminous they are.

Clothes, for me are a definition of myself, of how i’m feeling, of the kind of image I want to portray. They represent your mood. Whenever you’re a little more dressed that usual, you feel better about yourself and about the things that surround you. The world gets better. You don’t have to dress up for anyone else, just be happy in your own skin and wear everything with confidence.

Let’s take one example, whenever you’re heading out to meet someone or if you’re going out for a special event you dress up. To what extent is your personal choice but no matter how different those choices are you still feel like dressing up don’t you? If dressing up is being fake then why do people dress up for the above mentioned reasons? It’s because it matters. It makes them happy because it shows that you care.

 Anyway, getting back to today’s post , I chose a dress that defines who I am as a person. There’s not just one dress that can do that but this one is definitely special. I love bright, pastel colors, details on net and have been loving bell sleeves for the longest time now. This dress has it all in one. Had to get it, right?

The quality is very nice and so is the the fit. I got it online and I got exactly what was shown on the website(so yay!). Here’s how I styled it. Kept the whole look a lot fun but played with my makeup and added beautiful colors to it, just that way I like it!


bell sleeved dress

blue bell sleeved dress


dutch braids , lilmissgurung


Dress –

Pastel Mules – Lifestyle store (Brand – Catwalk)

Roses on my hair –  A little DIY out of a hair abnd brought from Sarojini Nagar

Hairstyle – Dutch Braids

That is it for this post. I really hope you guys understood a little if not everything of that I wrote. I would happily do a makeup tutorial on this look! For more, follow me on my Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and outfits,


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