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5 Ways To Wear High Waist Denims !

5 Ways To Wear High Waist Denims ! Posted on September 21, 20162 Comments

Hi, guys. Today I’ve come up with 5 ways to wear high waist denims. I’ve done a ‘5 ways to wear’ post before and it was very well received which made me  realize that you guys love posts like these. Now, as we’re going to college, multiple ways to wear the same thing will be of great use to all of us who want a beautiful but affordable wardrobe.

I love high waist denims a lot because they compliment most body types and look absolutely fabulous! Mine is a very simple, dark-wash denim which I purchased from H&M for just 699 INR! It’s a wonderful deal and even better quality!

Without writing a lot, let’s get on to the looks!


The first look is the most simple and appropriate for college.  I’ve paired my high waist denims with a black cropped top and white sneakers and I was done! Carry a backpack or a cross body and you’re ready to roll!

how to wear high waist denims

LOOK 2 –

Never underestimate the power of a structured blazer! This can be a perfect look for interviews or semi-formal events. My blazer gives the illusion of a trench coat which is why I bought it in the first place. The subtle color makes it very easy to pair it with tons of different items. As for the rest of the look, I kept it minimal. Added a ribbed, tank top underneath my blazer and added a pair of stilettos in the same color.




One can never go wrong with stripes. Dark wash denims and black and white stripes are a match made in heaven. I wore an over-sized shirt and added a fun little accessory to it. It actually is a quick DIY. I paired my bracelet with an ear cuff which added a little pop of color and looked quirky as well. All you need to attach this with is a safety-pin and voila!


LOOK 4 –

Doing it Gothic. So I’m a big fan of everything Gothic but I like to keep it balanced (being the typical Libran I am). I wore this polka dot top as a bardot and have layered two chokers with it. My favorite dark lips and current favorite hairstyle gave it the final touches. Also, reflective sunglasses are my current obsession. They just seem to look fabulous with everything.


lilmissgurung , gothic clothing

styling high waist denims, lilmissgurung


The girl next door. This is one of my most favorite looks out of them all. I wore my skirt as a top and braided my hair with a scarf. I was so happy with the end result. The bright colors and overall vibe of this outfit makes me so happy. It can definitely brighten up anyone’s day.

cute hairstyle ideas

style high waist denim in 5 ways




LOOK 1 –  Crop top – Sarojini Nagar ; Shoes – Forever 21

LOOK 2 –  Blazer – Stalkbuylove ; Heels – Forever 21 ; Ribbed tank top – Incense, Sarojini Nagar ; Sunglasses – Sarojini Nagar ; Bag – Forever 21

LOOK 3 -Shirt – Father’s ; Ear cuff – D’Ozar (Instagram store) ; Bracelet – Sarojini Nagar( a steal at 30 bucks)

BOOTS (in the rest of the looks) – Forever 21

LOOK 4 – Top – Mom’s ; Choker – Hauz Khas Village ; Sunglasses

LOOK 5 – Skirt worn as top, Scarf – Sarojini Nagar ; Bag –

The whole idea of doing look books is to let you guys know that there are tons of ways to wear the same piece of clothing and when you experiment, dressing up gets more fun! Also, this makes it for smart shopping. You can invest in one piece that you think you will be making a lot of use out of and then balance the rest of your outfit.

That is it for this post. Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and outfits,


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