I don’t even remember the amount of times someone has asked me to help them start a blog(not just fashion, though). My fellow blogger friends and I receive lots of messages everyday(from our friends and followers) in which they shower us with love and tell us how even they want to start their own blogs. With this love comes a lot of questions . I have been meaning to write a post about it since a very long time but I just couldn’t figure out exactly what to tell them. Today, I just decided to sit down and write whatever I feel. Raw and true.

Before I move to the HOW of this question, I want to tell the WHY behind it.


It’s because YOU WANT TO and not because it’s IN FASHION. I see a lot of people willing to write blogs just because it makes them look ‘cool’ or because they’re in for the freebies(fashion blogging, specifically). It might seem fairly easy writing blog posts or getting dressed and clicked but once you start blogging, your audience starts looking up to you. To be able to stand up to those expectations takes a lot of hard work and time, and then writing blog posts to look cool doesn’t seem too cool.

I meet so many bloggers and other content creators on a very regular basis and most them have a burning desire to create something. Content for them is not just their source of income but their source of contentment and happiness.It is this desire and passion that makes a blog worthy of appreciation and not the amount of money that people have spent on it.

Also, one of the most  important thing to know before starting a blog is that you can’t become successful overnight. It takes hard work, time, energy, sometimes luck, and more hard work. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in working a lot then blogging is not for you! Another question to ask yourself before you start blogging is “Can I adapt to change?” or “Do I have a flexible mindset?” because if not then your content becomes stagnant.

Success can have a lot of different meanings for different people but I guess at one level, it all comes down to your happiness. If your blog doesn’t make you happy then how can it make anyone else happy?

I’ve noticed many changes in me since I’ve started blogging and that makes me feel that I’m doing something right. The amount of followers I have or the amount of likes I get on a certain picture doesn’t define me. My work does. My ability to engage whatever little audience I have does. Things can get frustrating and upsetting at times but that shouldn’t be something that lets you down and just stop doing what you love.

If you think that you can handle all of these emotions and are passionate enough then I don’t see any reason that stops you from writing!


There are a multitude of websites one can choose from. Blogger and WordPress are two such platforms wherein you can run a free blog. I used to have a WordPress blog when I started blogging. I now have my website linked to my WordPress account which makes the process of blogging very simple and easy to understand.

I’ve never tried Blogger so I can’t talk about it a lot but it might me fair to say that now, I know a great deal about WordPress. All you need to do is sign up on www.wordpress.com and voila! Yes, it’s that simple.

You can choose from a multitude of themes and every little detail can be taken care of. With time. the whole process of customization will become very simple. WordPress itself is very user-friendly.


  • BLOG NAME – This one can make or break your blog. It’s crucial to think of a name that perfectly defines you or what you write about.                                Give ample thought to it.
  • WHAT DO YOU BLOG ABOUT ? This is one thing you should be very clear about. Think it through and then start working on it!
  • RESEARCH –  Google is a good old friend, isn’t it? Confused about something? Looking for inspiration?Google will be your best                                             friend.
  • IS IT MAKING YOU HAPPY? If it doesn’t then there’s something wrong and I’m pretty sure you can figure it out. Friends will always                                  come to your rescue.
  • QUALITY  PICTURES – In case of fashion blogging, our pictures have to be of the best quality possible. DSLR pictures are a lot                                            better than phone  pictures any day. Always have great quality pictures!
  • CONTENT IS KING – Other than anything else, your content determines the future of your blog. It has to be quality content and                                        plagiarism is certainly the route to a dead-end. It might take a while to get noticed but is always better for the long run.

That is all for this post. I hope this helps. I haven’t gotten into the details of everything but this is pretty much what you need to know before you start your own blog. I’m learning new things everyday and so will you. I’ll be happy to do a more detailed post in the near future. For any more queries you can send me a personal message on my Instagram  or Facebook page. We can also talk on the comment section below. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and outfits,