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FALL OUTFIT 1 Posted on November 18, 2016Leave a comment

Fall sounds so much better than autumn. Doesn’t it? Here in India, we don’t generally experience a lot of fall or winters but whatever little time we have, I make sure that I make the best use out of it. I’m down with fever right now but I just can’t wait to go outside and shoot more such looks for you guys! Anyway, getting back to the point. Fall, for me is the perfect weather to experiment with all your clothes. My favorite (which my now you must have guessed) are skirts and I don’t miss any chance to wear them.

For this outfit, I picked my favorite skirt from H&M and added a gunjee with a bomber jacket. The entire look is from H&M and I shot it while I was at their store opening at Connaught Place. I chose darker colors for this look and did a lot of mix and match.  I would definitely wear a pair of stockings underneath because it is pretty chilly here. Even though I don’t have them on here but a pair of bright pink stockings would look really edgy with the whole look.

For the makeup and hair, I decided to get a little gothic. Donned two low-braided buns with my favorite plum-colored lips. This hairstyle is so easy to make and looks super edgy with any outfit. Here’s the full look –


fall outfit, hm

fall outfit lilmissgurung

fall outfits lilmissgurung

fall outfit details

That is it for this post. Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

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