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How To Wear A Saree In Winters

How To Wear A Saree In Winters Posted on January 13, 2017Leave a comment

I love wearing sarees but not during winters or so I thought. I have a wedding to go to in a few days but it’s so cold that I was having a lot of doubts. What if I catch a cold? What if I keep shivering the whole time and make a fool out of myself? Even after having so many doubts I decided on wearing a saree anyway but with a little twist.

I’ve draped my saree the regular way but instead of a blouse, I chose to wear a full-sleeved crop top. It is very warm and looks really stylish. Honestly, I love color blocking when I wear sarees, which is why I chose to wear a bright blue chambray trench over it. The colors blend in perfectly with each other without looking OTT.

Also, I’ve realized that my face looks really weird with a middle parting but I decided to go for it anyway because the earrings took away the attention. This is one trick I have devised. Whenever you feel that some hairstyle doesn’t work for you then you can always add a statement accessory or makeup look to divert the attention.

However, here’s a look at how I styled my cotton saree. 


Saree – Mom’s; Trench – Vajor; Earrings and Ring – Kala Chowk

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