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10 Tried And Tested Tips For Healthy And Strong Hair

10 Tried And Tested Tips For Healthy And Strong Hair Posted on May 28, 2017Leave a comment

I can’t even count the number of people that have asked me about my hair. How are they so voluminous? How do you keep them healthy? How are they so long? Honestly, the answer to all these questions is just one thing:  naturally. My hair is naturally voluminous and long. About the healthy part, I’ve had the most damaged hair for the longest time but then I’ve been taking care of them for quite some time now. Now, I can proudly say that my hair is much more healthy and its quality is getting better. I’ve written down 10 tips that can help you get the hair you want! I’ve tried them all personally and they’ve shown good results.

TIP 1 : Never skip conditioning your hair. I didn’t use a conditioner for the longest time and when I finally did, it made an instant difference. Hair felt smoother and so much better! What a shampoo does is that it opens the pores of your hair and cleanses it. A conditioner closes the pores and protects your hair from damage.

I use Tresseme shampoo and Dove conditioner as of now!

TIP 2 : Oiling is important. Again, this is something that most of us hear but none of us really apply it in real life. I still don’t apply it a lot but my oiling sessions are a lot more regular now. It makes your hair much stronger and much healthier!

TIP 3 : Use hair masks. I prefer homemade ones as compared to the ones you get outside because it’s so easy to make them and also they hardly cost anything.

I mix one egg white with a small bowl of curd and apply it on my hair. Keep it on for 15 minutes to half an hour and wash it off.

TIP 4 : Get your hair trimmed regularly. Not chopping off colored/damaged/split ends can do more harm than good.A little trimming retains hair health and gives you very visible volume.

TIP 5 : Use a heat protectant serum/spray before using styling products. Heat can cause a lot of damage and I have suffered a lot! The main reason behind my hair damage was that I used a straightener almost every day without using any heat protectant.

Now that I make hair videos, I use styling products a lot and my heat protectant comes really handy!

TIP 5 : Use an anti-frizz hair serum. This one product can do wonders for your hair. I use it almost every day without fail! It prevents hair breakage and hair becomes much more manageable.

TIP 6 : Use a hair serum/oil before making complicated hairstyles. A lot of hairstyles require you to work with smaller sections and it oil/serum makes the process very easy without any tangles. *Read about it here*

TIP 7 : Hair Spa’s are a good way to treat your hair every once a while. You can get one at home or get it done in a parlor. The oils enrich your hair and who doesn’t love a little pampering?

TIP 8 : Be gentle with your hair. Comb gently, use a towel gently. It’s your hair and you’ll have to treat it well for it to remain healthy and strong.

TIP 9 : Eating healthy is the key to healthy hair. Include food rich in protein, iron, vitamin C,omega3 in your regular diet and you’ll begin to see the difference.

TIP 10 : Finally, if your hair is really damaged then go ahead and get a keratin treatment done! I got it done about two-three months ago and I loved the results! However, this step is a bit extreme but so was my hair damage. Read more about my keratin treatment here.

So that was it! I’ve been following these tips and tricks for a while and the results are pretty visible! That is it for this post. I hope you liked it. You can let me know what you feel about it by commenting below or sending me a personal message on my Facebook & Instagram page. I post a lot of fun pictures and tutorial videos on my Instagram account. Make sure you check it out!

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