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What To Wear During Monsoon In Delhi

What To Wear During Monsoon In Delhi Posted on August 5, 20172 Comments

I am someone who has always romanticized the idea of rains. A good downpour gets me into the mood and my creative juices flow, I feel fresh and happy but sometimes, on days like these, I feel extremely sad. Today, I think, is one such day. But why all this information, you might ask? Well, for me how I dress, what I wear on a particular day, and how I wear my clothes, in general, is an important way to reflect my inner-self to the world without having to explain things verbally.

 It was on one of those very happy and productive days that I decided to shoot this look for the blog. Monsoons have been here for quite a while now and I was more than excited to share this outfit for it. A bright, printed off-shoulder top paired with a  pair of beige culottes is the perfect combination in my eyes.

I hate getting my feet wet or getting dirt on my feet so I prefer wearing heels during this weather and that kinda helps. I stick to my block heels because they’re super comfortable(and cheap!) I like keeping my makeup very subtle only to finish it up with a very bright lip. Some light accessories and I’m set for the day!I guess, wearing bright colors, well thought of and clean outfits helps me feel better, think better, and work better. This outfit made me happy.

To sum up, choose breezy fabrics for this weather while also keeping proportions in mind. If you like wearing heels then opt for a block instead of a pencil.  Avoid wearing very light fabrics as they tend to stick to your body which can be very annoying in this humid weather. Enjoy the pictures 🙂









Top: Naomi Code

Culottes: Incense, Sarojini Nagar

Clutch: Vajor 

Block heels: Street Style Store

LOCATION COURTESY: CIBO COMA  (You can find them on Zomato as well)

So that is it for this post! Hope you guys enjoyed reading it and I hope I answered quite a few questions. I didn’t want to make it very long but I’ll do a part 2 for this post as well. Let me know if you have any more questions in the comment section below. Yiu can also drop in your questions/queries on my Instagram profile and Facebook page.

Lots of love and outfits, 


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