I had my first Meet and Greet yesterday and it couldn’t have been any better! Yesterday was the Popxo BFF which is undoubtedly the hottest event in town. Basically, it’s a day full of events, food stalls, fun games, flea market, starlit performances, meet and greets with your favorite Plixxo bloggers, and an epic dance-off to finish the day!

Here’s what I wore –

I picked up a sparkly, tie-up cropped top from Westside and paired it with a bright orange paper bag waist, pleated skirt from H&M. To tone down the boldness of the outfit, I went for a Burgundy pair of heeled oxfords(from Street Style Store) and also added a pair of ruffled socks. This outfit is perfect for days when you have to be on your toes at all times. It’s cute and comfy(what more do we want?). I went for a nude makeup look with my favorite winged eyeliner and for the hairstyle, I went for a messy ponytail with curled ends!

Chose my favorite fur pom-pom earrings, and my trusty watch.For my makeup, I went for a nude look with my favorite winged eyeliner(some grey eyeshadow too) and for the hairstyle, I went for a messy ponytail with curled ends!

 Apart from everything else, the most exciting part for me was to meet you all in person. Honestly, that was also the scariest bit because I really doubted if anyone would come for the meet and greet. But to my surprise, so many of you came to meet me and just made my day! Saying thank you just via a picture seriously wasn’t enough which is why I decided to write this and just thank you all for the love you gave me and the rest of us at Popxo. I loved giving you all hugs and you all were just so sweet!

Here are a few screenshots that I took from all your stories and if only it could completely capture all the love! But still, it felt great to be at the receiving end of all the love and the selfies hehehe.

In all the excitement, I completely skipped on food which you should never. I was just functioning on some coffee but I also had my gang by my side which just made everything better. My two best friends were there and they were just as excited as I was(that’s what I would like to believe).

These two are the cutest people ever and I hope they had as much fun as I did. 😛 The day ended with an inter-college dance off and I was just dancing along with the teams hahha. Our entire video team was dancing along with me (in my defense). It was really tiring but also amazing and I had so much fun! To end the day, my friends and I went out for dinner as well and had some amazing laughs with not so amazing food(as they said)! 😛

It was a crazy day(very unlike my Saturdays) but I had the most fun! BFF was a definite hit and just everyone around us was very happy which was the point! Thank you, everyone, who took out the time and came to meet us(and me) there; It couldn’t have been better and that’s a wrap for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure you send me all the pictures and let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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Lots of love,