Let me start off by saying that I celebrated my birthday by sleeping the whole day and giving myself the break that I deserve. I had some yum chicken pasta salad for breakfast then I had some dal chawal for lunch(you know, to keep it real). And then finally, had some pizza for dinner because why not? But this post isn’t about the food I ate today (or maybe it is).

I turned 21 today and I have mixed feelings. First, there’s this sad feeling that I am growing older and there’s no way you can stop that and then there’s some tension about the amount of responsibilities I’m going to have as an adult. I have never been scared of the future (no, really) because I firmly believe that it’s going to be great because I’ll make it great but that takes shit loads of effort, hard work, and some really effective planning.

Now with all of this in mind, I feel content too (well, somewhat). I couldn’t be at a better place in my life than now, I’m financially stable(which is very important), happy with my job and always on my toes(and that’s definitely not a bad thing). I have my baby blog which I’m extremely proud of and I’m working very hard to be as active as I can be(something I’ve struggled with these past 2 years).

What all these feelings have done to me is that they have given me a clear vision of who I want to be and what exactly I wish to do. Unlike New Year’s Eve, today I have some resolutions for the coming year that I would actually follow and accomplish.

I will strive to be a better human, give my family and friends the time they deserve (I’ve been lacking there), give my best and more at my job, create kick-ass and helpful content, and work on the body I’ve been wanting to. Yes I will go Gymming (for fkn real) and get to the body I have always wanted to.

Another thing about me is that I make to-do lists every day and trust me, I give my self very aggressive targets. The goal now is to nail and knock off everything on those lists and if possible, do more, add more.

Fun update : My hand smells of pizza and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.
Also, I’m growing old and I’m not really liking it. Ya feel me?