Pushkar is a small town located in the Ajmer District of Rajasthan, about 7-8 hours away from Delhi which was the exact distance that I needed from my city and my work! It’s been over a year since I’ve been working without really taking a break and that did take its toll on my mental health. You know how people say that they travel to escape? That’s exactly what I did. I escaped from the chaos of the city and the chaos that was my mind and I’m going to tell you straight away that it helped!

I didn’t plan this vacation at all, I just knew that I was going to visit a new town and that was it! Treebo hotels were generous enough to host me on their beautiful property, Treebo Pushkar Legacy. Having the stay fixed was the best part of this trip but I’ll talk about that a little later. What drew me to the town was the peace and the beauty that surrounded that place. My parents and I were looking for a quiet place where we could just unwind and relax and Pushkar was just that, and now that I think about it, so much more.


It has a very interesting story behind its inception(found in the Padma Purana, Srstikhanda, Chapter 17). You can read the whole story here. It’s the city where Lord Brahma resides. The beautiful lake of Pushkar is the very form of Lord Brahma and tourists from around the globe come to visit this Dham. I’m not a very spiritual person but there definitely was something about the Pushkar lake that felt holy and calming. One does need to beware of scams in the name of worship.

My first day at Pushkar started on a very touristy note. We hired a guide and an auto driver(that’s the best way to commute apparently) who were to take us to the Brahma Ghat(Pushkar Lake) and the Brahma temple. Let’s just say that we would’ve done much better without the two 😛 The city is best explored on foot(that is if you’re not traveling with older people who might get exhausted real quick) and with our trusted GPS system.


After having a hearty lunch, we visited the ghat(where we prayed to and for our ancestors), and then went out to explore the market. And you guys know by now that I love that part 😛 It was a small market(nothing compared to the likes of Sarojini) but had its own charm. Bright orange and red, readymade turbans were seen as far as the eye went coupled with some beautiful handmade decor items. My favorites were the wooden elephants and camels. I came across a cute little store and picked up a very gypsy looking palazzo set(summer wear though), then I found this amazing handicraft store and spent about 1-2 hours there just to buy a couple of bags and to do a hell lot of bargaining(those guys are tough, I tell you). It was all worth it, I bought some beautiful things and an amazing jacket(will share soon) along with something for you guys! Keep an eye on my Instagram profile for that hehe.



OUTFIT DETAILS – Mom’s Kurti worn as a dress – Shopper’s Stop; Ballerina’s – Street Style Store; Bag – Westside; Sunglasses – Screaming Nayan(Instagram); Earrings – Sabhyata 



We also visited Out Of The Blue Cafe because a friend suggested it and I’m so glad she did. The Cafe has a beautiful rooftop setting with the view of the entire ghat. It was one of the most beautiful views on a beautiful evening. I had the banana, Nutella pancake, and some coffee. It was delicious! There was something about the vibe of the Cafe that calmed my nerves and the chants playing in the background that helped me relax even more.

   After a very active first day at Pushkar, we went back to the comfort of our hotel. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful! We stayed at the Maple room(their finest) and it was absolutely delightful.I remember us stuffing our faces with some yum Dal Baati Choorma at the hotel restaurant and then stuffing some more food at breakfast the next day. (We literally slept for about 12 hours and there were no complaints!) That’s it for this post, I’ll share the details of the second day in the next post! I also visited Ajmer for a day, will be sharing those details too! Hope you had fun reading this post, let me know what you think in the comment section below or drop me a message on my Facebook/Instagram page!

Lots of love,