Instagram is an amazing social media tool and has low-key become everyone’s obsession. I find myself checking Instagram every morning before even going to the washroom which I’m not proud of. Everything is so glamorous on Instagram, people want to show the best aspects of their life or showcase their talents and while all of this is great, there is so much more to everyone’s life which never makes it’s way to social media.

I’ll take my own handle, for instance, I get a lot of questions about how I am so happy all the time or how fancy I am or how glamorous my life is but that’s not all. There is only a certain percentage of my life that I share on social media and like everyone else I have my own share of problems, days when I’m really upset, days when I feel unproductive and demotivated, and just so many other things that are not so ‘glamorous’. Now the reason I’m talking about these things is to tell you guys that there’s so much more to our lives than Instagram and while it’s an amazing social media tool(my favorite, tbh), it’s important to have a clear distinction between your personal life and your Instagram handle.

Honestly, I had mixed Instagram with my life so much that I didn’t even realize how many things I was missing out on and how many people I was ignoring without even realizing it. I’m writing this post today because this realization has struck me after messing up a lot of things in my life and I genuinely hope that anyone who is reading this post will now be more careful and avoid any such mess ups in their life. I know how significant Instagram is for a blogger/social media influencer but it certainly isn’t above your family, friends or your personal space.

What my Instagram doesn’t tell you is that I too have bad days and I do fuck things up and I do sometimes hurt people but I choose not to share it. I choose the better things that I can showcase on such a platform and the stuff that makes me happy so that it hopefully makes other people happy. I choose to share my work and some bits of my personal life and so is the case with millions of people. One should not get disheartened by seeing someone else’s profile just because it looks way prettier than theirs or judge that person for the same. If you find someone amazing, take inspiration from them. If you don’t like someone, don’t go to their profile. It’s really as simple as that.  🙂

Lots of love,