We all have good days and we all have bad days but how we decide to react to tough situations in life is really what makes all the difference. I’ll be honest, I’ve had a rough couple of months and I haven’t been the best person. I’ve said mean things, hurt someone I love, and just been mad at everything but you know what? Nothing helped. That’s the thing with being negative, it doesn’t help situations, it only makes them worse. I clearly have realized it after trying it for myself and take my advice, don’t do that to yourself. It’s a sucky situation to be in.

If you don’t like somebody, stop giving them any attention – good or bad. If you have a very strong urge to bitch about someone, just go tell your mom instead of shouting it out to whatever people you see right at that moment. Talking to my mom is actually one of the best way in which I deal with my anger and negativity. I know there are people who will constantly try to bring you down, there are people whom you don’t like so much, people who annoy the living beings out of you but just take a moment to keep that all aside because honestly these people don’t matter. Focusing on these insignificant people will only distance you from the ones who love you and who genuinely care about you.

I’ll tell you one very personal thing about myself, I’m a sucker for positivity and balance, and whenever that balance is disturbed I start to panic. So much so that I try finding positivity in things where there is none because I have this constant need to fill in the void that is in my heart and it’s very difficult to accept this, let alone writing it in the form of a public post. However, writing about your feelings actually helps clearing your head and you don’t even have to write it to show anyone else but just to vent. I’m writing this post today because I’d let these negative feelings get the worst of me and I’m done with it. I’m done with sulking all the time, I’m done fucking things up.

I’m going to deconstruct all the issues  I’ve been having (to fix them) and start accepting my flaws with an open mind. I’m going to create content because it genuinely makes me happy, I’m going to dance because it makes me happy, and the most important thing, I’m going to stop every now and then and just be grateful for whatever I have and for the people that truly matter in my life. I’m writing this post to tell you that it’s easy to be negative, in fact it’s the easiest option out there but it doesn’t do any good to you or anyone else. Today, I choose to get rid of this negativity and anger in me, do you?

* A little piece of my heart lies in this post. It’s my way of dealing with problems and if you’re someone facing similar issues, I really hope that this insight into my life will help you in some or the other way. *

Until then, Lots of love