I’m writing this post as I sit here eating some yum grilled cheese sandwiches, this little vacation is all I could’ve asked for. Every year, Genesis Foundation hosts the Rhythm & Blue’s festival in Kasauli and that’s precisely why I’m here. Honestly, I was tired of the hustle bustle of the city and was just feeling exhausted and completely drained. What better way than to run to the hills?

This was my first time boarding a train all by myself and I know that doesn’t sound like a very big deal, but to me, it was.I have never traveled alone before and this was my first step towards being a little more independent and maybe just finding my voice back. However, I was later accompanied by my new but now dear friend, Mahima from WhimsyTales (follow this cutie, right now!) and then met Dhruv and Ayush(they’re both cuties too) who made this little escape of mine into a beautiful memory.

Day 1 was fun-filled as we had no clue what to expect but as the night grew darker, the fun quadrupled. Kasauli is a very quiet, peaceful place but music has its way of turning things around. There was an amazing line up of some of the best music artists and the night ended with Suraj Jagat’s captivating performance. All four of us danced our hearts out to the tunes of Bollywood music along with some more amazing folks from the Genesis team itself(hashtag blogger perks). We didn’t really do much else during the first day but completely let loose on the night.
For my outfit, I kept it really simple and relaxed as I was really tired of waking up early and then the traveling. I wore this gorgeous striped shirt with my trusty denim and added my current favorite denim jacket to complete the look. The evenings get pretty cold here in Kasauli so carrying a light jacket is always a good idea! I also knew that I’ll be doing a lot of walking so I chose shoes instead of any other footwear(what a wise decision, Gurung!)


Outfit Details

Striped Blouse & Denims – Incense, Sarojini Nagar; Jacket – Sarojini Nagar; Shoes – Vajor

Nose Pin – GypsyMaal

I’m writing the second half of this post sitting in a very quiet corner of the beautiful resort that I’m staying in (totes book Hillspride Resort for your next stay) and the feeling is amazing. I’ve had a creative block for the longest time now but I’m slowly getting back to writing (the light breeze with the birds chirping in the background is definitely helping!). Anyway, the second day was when we all actually went out to explore Kasauli a little. It’s a very small town really but it exudes peace and positivity in every little corner. There aren’t a lot of cafe’s to choose from but we did find Hangout cafe which has now become one of my favorites here(the vibee). It’s a rooftop cafe with some yum food options to choose from. Just don’t order the fries or the fruit punch 😛

   – I had the best momos here!!

Outfit Details

Dress – Piply; Flats – TopCrop; Bag – H&M

From Hangout cafe, we went to the Heritage Market(mall road) to binge on some hot momos. Let’s just say that momos never disappoint and a walk in the mall road is always a good idea. The entire market is filled with tiny shops selling wooden decorative items, clothes, food, and what not! I bought three beautiful fans because that’s just the person I am:P (hashtag new shoot prop alert!) I also bumped into a couple of followers here and that was just cherry on top! I also snuggled with a cute puppy during our walk and I just wish I had smuggled him in (mom, are you listening?). We then went on Day 2 of the Rhythm And Blues festival at Baikunth Resort(what a beautiful property!)


– also met these amazing Rajasthani folk singers

Outfit Details

Cropped Top – Westside; Pants – Naomi Code; Shoes – Vajor; Bag- H&M; Denim Jacket – Sarojini Nagar

The night ended with Rabbi Shergill performing some heartwarming songs that basically made everyone melt(myself included). It was a beautiful night with some soulful music and with a voice like his, there was no room for complaints! The entire festival had a very lively, cheerful, and active vibe. The energy of the crowd(one of the best and well behaved I’ve ever seen at a music festival) gave us all energy and a very good feeling in the pit of our stomachs. I remember dancing like a maniac and making dozens of bizarre videos on my Instagram profile(check out the Kasauli highlights to see what I’m talking about hehe).

We were actually supposed to leave for Delhi on Day 3 but as luck would have it, there was some issue with the cab and we got to stay for a little longer. On our way back, we went to the much famous ‘Timber Trail Resort‘ and boy, was that just the perfect place to be! Going up on a trolley was yet another first and I enjoyed every bit of it! A bar on top with a beautiful view of the entire city was a perfect way to end the long weekend.


Outfit Details

Gunjee – H&M Basics ; Jeans – Incense, Sarojini Nagar; Flats – TopCrop; Bag – H&M; Denim Jacket – Sarojini Nagar

Genesis foundation saves little hearts by helping critically ill children and I’m so proud to be in touch with them even if it’s in a little way! The Rhythm And Blues festival happens for a cause and it’s an absolute treat! There’s great music, unlimited booze, food, amazing artists, and the vibe is what’s cherry on top! You’ll fall in love with the music and yourself in the realm of nature and you’ll come back happier and a little saner.

Felt so good to be a part of such a nice initiative and I’m already looking forward to next year! Let me know what you think of this post in the comment section below.

Until then, lot’s of love.