Every now and then, my mind wanders off to a different direction each so drastically different from the other that it makes me question whether I’m the same person having those thoughts or if I’m many people in one just thinking at the same time in a parallel universe. There are a lot of things I think about – my family, my work, a Netflix series that I’m watching, an old character from a book that’s close to my heart, the beauty world on the internet, how fashion is ever changing and holds so much power, different ways people harm themselves, how people are hurting, how people hurt each other, my past, my future(at least in my head), money making, sunglasses, Gucci and what not.

The thing about being in your head so much is how little time it leaves you to actually realize all of these thoughts in the real world. How being in your head is part of the reason why so many goals are never met, so many dreams shattered. I say this with personal experience and also as a person currently dealing with over thinking and over analyzing that it does you no good. Sure thinking before you do or say anything and having a plan is a good way to go but being in your head keeps you away from realizing the possibilities that are just a snap away.

I’ve missed opportunities, people, chances to reconnect, chances to build and develop only because I put too much time in being in my head about it instead of actually getting out and doing something and I know for a fact that that is where we all go wrong. They say our actions speak for themselves and it is true. Your partner won’t realize everything on their own or by the ‘look in your eyes’, you will have to put it into action and make it work. Now, this is only a very small and generalized example of it but think about it, put it wherever it fits in your life currently and get out of that thinking bubble! Even if you’re planning something, get to a conclusion or a step and lock it and then work further. This way you can track your growth and progress. Seeing your dreams and thoughts becoming a reality is the most fulfilling feeling ever.

Now I haven’t written a blog post in ages because I really had run out of any motivation to do so and then I got inside my head again which resulted into months of being inactive and only talking via my little stories/captions on Instagram. Today, out of the blue I felt like just writing my feelings in a small Instagram caption which triggered me to re-read my own blog posts and write this one down.

It’s hard to get out of your head and deal with the outside words but I think little by little, step by step, we will be able to manage so let this post be a reality check for both you and I and let’s just make it work!