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Hello guys! Hope you’ve all been doing great. Welcome back to the blog. As I mentioned earlier I’ve planned a lot of interesting posts on the blog and this is one of them! I’ve always been a fan of dungarees but I’ve always wanted something different and this dungaree skirt that I’m wearing is one of my favourite pieces for fall. I got this skirt from an Instagram store called Indian Gully which deals in everything from fashion accessories and apparel to Books and coffee mugs! How cool is that? Make sure you check them out. 😀

It’s time to wave goodbye to the summer clothes and make a statement with your fall outfits and this post features my most favourite look for the fall season. Those of you who know me or follow me on Instagram/Facebook know that I’m a total skirt lover and that’s why I chose a dungaree skirt for my very first fall post! I also love pastels and this colour is my absolute favourite. I think that this colour is perfect for any time of the day and can be paired up with a bunch of other colours which would look just as amazing!

For this post I paired a black and white polka dotted crop top with the dungaree skirt. I then added my black stockings and my favourite black boots. I completed the look with a black hat and a matching bag and voila! Kept the make up a little dark to match the overall theme ; a smokey eye and dark lip shade and voila. I didn’t feel the need to add any other accessorry and kept this look really simple. It’s very comfortable to wear and stands out. It’s on the dressy side and that’s exactly why I love this look so much. It instantly lifts up your mood and gives you the perfect style edge even in the colder months. Let’s get on to it.

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Deets –

Boots and Bag – Forever 21

Dungaree skirt – Indian Gully

Stockings – Incense (Sarojini Nagar)

Crop top – Stolen from Grandma’s closet 😛 ( Yes, my Grandma’s closet. I’m not kidding)

Hat – Connaught Place

I loved shooting for this post and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Always open to suggestions/advises/constructive criticism . Follow me to get all the insights –

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